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The gallery is now open for submissions!  :D

As the name implies this gallery is specifically for pin up images of female heroes and villains from video games like Final Fantasy, Mortal Kombat, Mass Effect, Tomb Raider, Street Fighter etc

But it is also for female characters from the DC or Marvel Comicbook world.  Following is a partial list of some of the characters we would expect to find here:

X-Men: Domino, Psylocke, Magik, Mystique, Phoenix, Rogue, Scarlet Witch, Emma Frost, Storm, Polaris, Madame Hydra, X23
Fantastic 4: Susan Storm
Captain America: Diamondback, Black Widow, Agent 13
Batman: Poison Ivy, Cat Woman, Bat Girl, Harley Quinn, Zatanna, Killer Frost
Spiderman: Spider Woman, Mary Jane Watson, Black Cat, Medusa
Superman: Super Girl, Faora, Dark Super Girl
Guardians of the Galaxy: Gamora, Nebula

Mass Effect: (game)  Miranda, Shepherd (female), Liara, Jack, Tali, Samara, Ashley, Kasumi
Tomb Raider: (game) Lara Croft
Guild Wars 2: (game) Norn, Gyae, Anise, Caithe
Street Fighter: (game) Chun Li, Poison, Decapre, Cammy, Sakura, Juri,
Final Fantasy: (game) Tifa Lockhart, Ashe, Serah
Dead or Alive: (game) Kasumi, Hitomi, Tina Armstrong, Christie, Leifang, Helena Douglas, Rachel, Marie Rose, Ayane, Mila, Kokoro, Momiji, Pai Chan, Sarah Bryant
Mortal Kombat: (game) Sheeva, Kitana, Mileena, Sonya Blade, Jade, Skarlet, Frost, Sindel, Tanya, Li Mei, Sareena
Bayonetta:  (game) Bayonetta

Others might include:
Wonder Woman, Lady Death, She Hulk, Black Raven, Red Sonja, Power Girl, Druuna, Vampirella, Brave Fist, Elektra, Xena, Ms. Marvel, Moondragon, Selene, Starfire, Black Canary

You can check Marvel female characters out at:…
You can also check out DC female characters out at:…
and also…

If the hero or villain is obscure or uncommon, we would only ask that you give some background in the description of your image to help identify her.

Remember also that we are looking for pin up images that may include a "fight pose" as it were, but we're not looking for action fight "scenes". I hope that distinction is apparent.

So my friends .....  happy posting!  :) :)
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CG PINUPS is dedicated to CG (computer generated) 3D PINUPS.

If you already use:

DazStudio, Poser, 3D MAX, MAYA, C4D, ZBRUSH and other 3d programs you are welcome to join us and post your best pin up work. We accept only 3D rendered works with 3D programs. Please avoid posting "works in progress" or "test" images as they will be declined - instead we would like to see your best finished artwork.

What we're looking for in a pin up
All models should have a focused or highly suggestive allure or appeal to the viewer. Though eye contact is not mandatory, a coy turn of the head or sultry look will add to the appeal. Generally speaking and specific to this group, fight scenes, distraught or despairing expressions or looks of great hostility and violence are typically not alluring and will detract from an image being added to this group.


• Gigantic Muscle female (as in ridiculous proportions)
• Gigantic Breast female (as in ridiculous proportions)
• Porn or violence
• Racialist works
• Humiliating


• All Contributors must have 3D pin up works in their gallery.
Otherwise their Contributor request will decline.

• If you submit an image, you cannot vote for it yourself.

• If you don't have any or very few 3D works, you can join us as a member.

Being a Contributor at CG Pinups is more than just submitting your work to our galleries, the hope is that you will also vote on other's work, leave helpful comments to help budding artists improve - be involved in promoting the group on the site, finding artwork on deviantart that fits the profile of the quality we're trying achieve. Otherwise, if you're only looking to submit artwork, we would suggest "member" status would be more appropriate.

For a description of our Galleries and what you can submit to each please visit this…


• CGPINUPS is not a stock group. Please do not use our member's works in your works without permission.

• If you need help, feel free to write our admins.

• We are a community that is based on respect for each other as artists, *always* maintain kindness and respect in what and how we communicate with each other.

Inappropriate images may be removed at the Founder's discretion.

Happy rendering!





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Thank you so much for the request! :dance: :bow:
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Thank you so much for requesting my work to appear in your gallery.

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:blush: Thanks for another request...I promise I'll really try to do a "real studio pinup" soon :blush:

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I'm sure it'll be fantastic - looking forward to it!  :)
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Thank you for the requests and accepting me into the group.
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Thanks for the Requests, It's always an Honor to see CGPinups request.
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