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Enter the world of 3D Pinups!
This is the darker, kinkier side of the pin up world.  :D

At the core, the image must be a Pin Up even if the style or theme is fetish or Gothic. While this gallery depicts slightly darker themes, the character is generally meant to be alluring and draw the audience in through the character's sex appeal.  With a playful smile, or a devilish smile, or some other fitting expression the face has much to do with the heightened appeal of the character.

So what moves an image from a traditional Pin Up into this darker category?

Often the clothing of the model is a great place to start.  Fetish models can often be seen wearing latex, leather, rubber and other clothing made of non standard materials.  The clothing can be kinky and revealing.  Here you'll see headgear, eye-patches, masks, corsets, platform knee-high laced boots, or heavy black trench coats for Gothic-wear, and so much more (you get the idea ;) )   All the clothing items and pieces taken together should speak a darker theme of fetish or Gothic.  Without going out too far on a limb, we could include here French Maid, Nurse, Police and Schoolgirl - but that would be on a case by case basis and still would have to comply with the overall 'feel' of a fetish image.

Another indicator are the props that are used:  a leather crop, chains, paddle or even a whip, or other props like nipple piercings or other piercings, chains, crucifixes etc (often associated with Gothic wear).  Other props can include furniture in your scene that is often associated with dungeons or some degree of incarceration.
(A word of caution here, our group is interested in tasteful fetish Pin Ups, not humiliation imagery.  It's one thing to show a model in cuffs or chains that seems to be enjoying it or is turned on by some restraint, than it is to see someone that is being degraded, humiliated or tortured.  Again, the idea is that the character is alluring - not suffering or fearful.)

Dark or Black colors are common in Gothic art, whether dark lipstick, black eye shadow, or black clothing, piercings and perhaps body art (tattoos).  Even though black is definitely the color of choice with Gothic, it does not mean your image can not be filled with bright or even neon colors (pink white, red, blue etc), especially when your model is wearing latex.  

Briefly on tattoos, Tattoo Art that expressly covers a majority of the model would be considered fetish in the context of this gallery.  

What fetish is Not
"Fetish" in its broadest terms can refer to pretty much anything:  pantyhose, red hats, cargo shorts, silk bed sheets.  And that is decidedly not what this gallery is about.  We're fairly specific when we refer to the darker side of Pin Up themes (see above).

By the Rules
At times there can be misunderstandings about the subject matter that is allowed in this group, please keep our guidelines in mind. This group is not looking for imagery of abuse, humiliation and/or sexual violence. Also models with grotesque proportions such as absolutely unbelievably huge breasts, hips or other parts are not the subject matter of this group. If your image depicts any of those it will always be declined! We also ask you to keep the DA TOS (Deviant Art Terms of Service) in mind, it prohibits straight up porn and the display of most adult toys and any kind of penetration.  If you need more information on this, we encourage you to read the information at this link:

credits left to right
breathtaker_01a_by_rudiment4l .  bekki_tattoos_pinups_by_ravensdarkangel77  .  sinisterweb_by_lacrima83  .  darkseductionweb_by_nemain_ravenwood  .  heartbreak_hotel_by_blueb0y
trickortreat_by_christophert  .  rot_iv_by_my_rho  .  maxine_paine_by_rgus  .  bound_by_spookeriffic
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Gallery Folders


Gallery Definitions

Please note we have specific galleries for specific kinds of pin up images - please familiarize yourself with our gallery requirements. Images posted to incorrect galleries may be declined.

For a definition of our Comicbook-Videogame SuperHeroes 'n Villains gallery, please visit this link:…

For a definition of our Studio Pin Ups gallery, please visit this link:…

For a definition of our Fantasy & Sci-Fi gallery, please visit this link:…

For a more general description of our Galleries please visit this…





CG PINUPS is dedicated to CG (computer generated) 3D PINUPS.

If you already use:

DazStudio, Poser, 3D MAX, MAYA, C4D, ZBRUSH and other 3d programs you are welcome to join us and post your best pin up work. We accept only 3D rendered character works with 3D programs. Please avoid posting "works in progress" images as they may be declined - instead we would like to see your best finished artwork.

What we're looking for in a pin up
All models should have a focused or highly suggestive allure or appeal to the viewer. Though eye contact is not mandatory, a coy turn of the head or sultry look will add to the appeal. Generally speaking and specific to this group, fight scenes, distraught or despairing expressions or looks of great hostility and violence are typically not alluring and will detract from an image being added to this group.


• Gigantic Muscle female (as in ridiculous proportions) and toned with some muscle definition is fine)
• Gigantic Breast female (as in ridiculous proportions)
.......those naturally well-endowed or busty are fine
• Porn (see or violence
• Racialist works
• Humiliating


• All Contributors must have 3D pin up works in their gallery.
Otherwise their Contributor request will decline.

• If you submit an image, you cannot vote for it yourself.

• If you don't have any or very few 3D works, you're welcome to still join us as a member.

Being a Contributor at CG Pinups is more than just submitting your work to our galleries, the hope is that you will also vote on others' works, leave helpful comments to help artists improve - be involved in promoting the group on the site, finding artwork on deviantart that fits the profile of the quality we're trying achieve. Otherwise, if you're only looking to submit artwork, we would suggest "member" status would be more appropriate.


• CGPINUPS is not a stock group. Please do not use our member's works in your works without permission.

• If you need help, feel free to write our admins.

• We are a community that is based on respect for each other as artists, *always* maintain kindness and respect in what and how we communicate with each other.

Inappropriate images may be removed at the Founder's discretion.

Happy rendering!



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